Ivy Prep
Technology & Game Design School
Keep yourself with the top-notch technoloogy. Learn programming and game design skills. Develop your own games or Apps. Have a chance to earn an internship with comuter or video game design companies.
Business & Investment School
Invention & Research Lab.
Train and participate in various regional, state, and national competitions such as AMC10/12, Biology/Chemistry/Physics Olympiad, Science Olympiad, and Robotics Tournaments
We help to make your invention a reality or coach your research projects. Students will participate in various Invention Conferences or Science Fairs
Start up your own company or non-profit organization. Learn business and investment skills. Participate in stock market investment tournaments.
Academic Competition Teams
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SAT/AP Test Prep.
Build An Unique Portfolio in Research, Business, Game/App Designs, and Competitions for Top College Applications
Help on college applications and make them more attractive to the admission officers at top colleges.
Tired of crowded classrooms at typical SAT/AP prep schools?  Meet our top-notch SAT/AP caches online and learn how to score high in the test right at your home.  
College Application Help